"Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Realities of a Happy Marriage"



8/25/20232 min read

It is well said that “give her something that she will keep forever, so he gifted depression, stress, anxiety, panic attack, anxiety attack, trust issue, mental break down”. They say marriages are made in heaven, only if one willingly to sacrifices her self-worth, her identity most above herself. They say Beti paharo and Beti bacho as our dual faced society has no stand for daughter in law and wife, but the epitome of misogamy is that only mother and daughter are respected, daughter in law and wife respect is still a long way run.

Whom to complain because complainer are new home breakers of society, standing of oneself is creating scene drama and becoming bad person in everyone life. Dear sisters we are not even allowed to share our thought’s because trusting someone with your pain can be our biggest disgrace, you cannot share what is going inside your family it is your family matter. Ironically said by person who interfere in once’s life in daily manner.

Love support is it too much to ask for, why to be in a relationship where there is you who cannot demand, and it is defined by whom, by someone who is far away or someone will mental sickness drool in arrogance to rule you. Where the hell is my life, and why third person driving another car will dictate and disturb our ride. Marriages are journey only two can decide but sadly most of time only one get the chance or the it is third one who automatically drives your car.

Marriages are made in heaven but it is experiencing like hell. Lie and more lies making it suffocating to survive. This is my most women marries that one day and another day she will listen new lies. Truth is not complicating it couldn’t be droop. But some men are born lairs, learnt in their mother womb. Before shaping career of their son please shape their characters to. Because you to are someone daughter imagine if someone treat you like his boon. But again, only mothers and sisters are meant for respect and wife and daughter in law are just like broom.

Even are years of trying you feel like a conciliated file in his desktop useless like a Sunday afternoon. Still don’t know I am a disgrace for keeping hope that one day he will be mineand finally one day he will stop lying.


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